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Edinburgh Food Safari - we do the hunting, you ...
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I was born and brought up in Edinburgh and am passionate about locally produced food - I made a 16-series TV programme about eating and cycling in Scotland, called The Woman Who Ate Scotland. I want the tour to be like a food-loving friend is taking you to their favourite places - like the best place to get scones warm from the oven, served with vanilla bean cream and home made jam. Guests get to meet the makers - the fishmonger who smokes the salmon, the marshmallow lady who makes the marshmallows, the butcher who makes the haggis. I also give guests a guided tour of the fascinating history of the 18th century UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE of The New Town.I have been running my unique food tours for four years and am used by tour companies such as Abercrombie and Kent and also VisitScotland. I can also tailor tours to suit your group from hen nights with safari hats to sourcing a piper to pipe you into a unique kilt shop!

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