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The Best of Tamborine Mountain from the Gold Coast
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Operated by South East Queensland’s Largest, Multi-Award Winning Day Tour Company this tour is sure to please! With fully guided Rainforest Walks to see spectacular Curtis Falls, in-vehicle commentary with one of our local fully trained guides. See the places you’d never find on your own.This Tour travels along fantastic tracks through Eucalyptus Forest with Gold Coast Views! Stop off at the Tamborine Mountain Winery for a delicious Devonshire Morning Tea, Scones Jam & Cream with tea or coffee and Wine Tasting at one of Queensland’s Top Wine Cellars!Shop along the iconic Gallery Walk. We also visit the SKYWALK. A breathtaking 1.5 km combination of forest floor trails, 300 metres of high-tech steel bridges through the highest points of the upper canopy, and a 40-metre cantilever bridge that soars a breathtaking 30 metres above the creek and rainforest below.

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